Effective Way To Remove Default Search Safely Default Search is uniquely designed infectious adware that mainly attacks system to steal privacy. It finds compatibility with all popular browsers as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer etc. Although Default Search looks like a legitimate looking site, but all this is a part of conspiracy to trap innocent user. Once making its easy entry in system, infectious files and process of Default Search get installed in registries and get loading every-time a system boots. By replacing home page Default Search automatically set itself as default home page and every –time user connects system with Internet , they has been redirected to infectious sites.

Hackers behind Default Search mainly aims to steal users confidential data feed on-line such as credit card details , e-banking details etc in order to earn revenue on users behalf. In spite of this its key-logging features keep track of every stroke made on key and use it whenever required for evil purpose. In order to protect both privacy and performance of system, it is extremely required to remove Default Search immediately after being detected by its malevolence. Manual removal to Default Search can make situation bad to worse, so use other secure practices.

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