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Categorized under globally spread browser hijacker list, is an highly infectious browser hijacker that is targeting Windows OS to spread its malevolency. It spread to vulnerabilities by redirecting user to its infectious site that constitute tricky malware threats and other malicious virus that completely destroy system’s performance as well as privacy. Most of the time in appears in-front of user as an authentic application, but it mainly aims to promote cyber crime by claiming to be a helpful site. Once getting active in compromised system by finding its automatic way, it can lead to numerous troubles as user receives continuous pop-up advertisements, BSOD errors are noticed, OS finds problems to load, unwanted applications get automatically installed consuming huge system resource etc.

One of the way to identify presence in system is noticing unwanted fake scan and self generated results containing several false threats and warnings The most severe issues faced due to presence is risk of privacy issues . Its infectious files contains smart coding of key-logging that can trap every stroke made on keyboard and silently convey it to hackers that remains active round the clock in order to get benefited with such confidential data, Thus , secure practices must be carried out to remove immediately ..

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